Do you want to sell your home, already have it for sale or just curious on how to get your house sold?  It’s really not rocket science but rather common sense.  When you decide to put your home on the market and you have chosen your realtor, he/she will want to come and have you fill out the paperwork and they will want to take LOTS of pictures.  Make sure you have a realtor that has a professional photographer to get the best look to show potential buyers. Pictures need to be free of clutter! A lot of times when I go to take pictures I have to move things, declutter, hide dirty dishes and basically clean before I take pictures.  Having professional looking photographs draw in potential buyers right off the bat.  It makes them want to see more so they will book a showing.

It’s really good to set up a routine when your house is on the market if you don’t have one already.  For example, get up, fix breakfast, do the dishes, make sure all laundry is put away or in the hamper, make the beds, etc.  If someone wants to see it as soon as possible, you won’t have much to do before you can walk out the door.  It’s great to turn the lights on in every room before you leave as well as turning the ceiling fans on.  Homes that are in tip top showing condition are the ones that sell.

Curb appeal is a must as well.  The outside is the first thing a potential buyer sees when they pull up to the house.  Having fresh mulch, a porch free of clutter and a freshly mowed yard are all great curb appeal.

If you want to sell your home and follow these few tips then it will make it a lot easier on your realtor and it will help your home sell more quickly!

Happy selling!

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