The three biggest seller mistakes in real estate can cost you the sale of your home.  The first thing is the price of the home.  If your home is overpriced it very likely will not sell.  If it is priced right you will have a great amount of serious buyers wanting to tour it.  If it’s priced too high people won’t want to even come and look at it.  Normally when you see a home that has been reduced it is usually due to it being overpriced to begin with.  That is why it is important to use a realtor when selling your home.  A great realtor will know where to price it to sell. 

The second mistake is not having the home in good condition inside and out. Curb appeal is one thing that is a huge deal.  That is the first thing people see when they pull up to your home.  If it has great curb appeal it makes a great first impression.  Making sure the outside condition of the home is presentable is a huge deal.  The inside of the home should be clutter free, dishes done, beds made, carpet swept, floors cleaned, bathrooms free of dirty clothes, etc.  Keeping clutter to a minimum makes the home look bigger and looks like it’s been well maintained.

The third thing is marketing.  If you don’t market your home well it will lack interest and showings.  That is another reason to use a great realtor who has had experience in the field and knows the ins and outs of what they need to do to get a home to sell.  A great realtor uses a professional photographer to capture the beauty of the home and by editing them to keep the lighting good and the darkness down.  Buyers want to see a bright and cheery home not a dark and dreary home.  A great realtor knows where to advertise to get the most interested buyers.  Social media is huge and really gets the word out. 

If you are really serious about selling your home, contact Danielle Rudolph to help you make the process a lot easier and get your home SOLD!

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